Internet Law

Our Group

Miller Thomson’s Information Technology Group has extensive experience dealing with legal issues relating to the Internet enables us to provide practical advice to clients on their use of the Internet and in transactions with other entities involving use of the Internet.

Our Services

Our Information Technology Group has extensive experience assisting clients conducting business online, including those who use the Internet as one way to connect with clients and other stakeholders.

Our lawyers have assisted clients in transactions such as:

  • Establishing, maintaining and enhancing an online presence
  • Introducing ecommerce elements to their Web sites
  • Introducing social media elements to their Web sites
  • Managing user-generated content
  • Managing the use of the Internet in their workplace
  • Creating online agreements
  • Addressing privacy and information security concerns in relation to Web sites
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations that govern certain online activities
  • Dealing with disputes involving the Internet, including domain name issues, defamation and allegations of copyright infringement.

Our Expertise

Several of our lawyers are recognized leaders in this field, as evidenced by the many books, articles and other publications written by Group members. Our lawyers also deliver presentations to clients and various groups on a regular basis, and hold leadership positions in various professional and industry organizations. This information is set out in the biographies for the group members.

Our Experience

  • Advised a government board in relation to copyright issues on the Internet
  • Advised regional, national and international Internet service providers on legal issues relating to their business
  • Advised on the establishment of various Internet portals, including portals directed to families, healthcare providers, academics and other interested parties on international governance matters
  • Provided terms and conditions for a variety of Web sites, including sites used to sell various consumer goods providers and to provide various online services;
  • Assisted with the resolution of claims relating to the use of infringing materials on a Web site
  • Assisted clients with claims a third-party site used infringing materials
  • Responded to allegations of defamation
  • Created various click-wrap and browse-wrap agreements for clients
  • Assisted with cyber-squatting problems and other domain name issues